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Let’s Aim for Overwhelmed

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It’s your business’s new sweet spot, and we’ll get you there.

Today’s the day! Synchronize you and your company for success with our virtual coaching and administrative services. With your business administration wingman by your side, you’ll feel the bliss and see the growth!

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Learn how to set yourself up for a week of productivity and clarity

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What would your business—and life—look like if you could move through your day with ease and flow?

Isn’t it time to run your business—instead of your business running over you?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often get caught in repetitive cycles. The unexpected email, the return phone calls, the fires-to-be-put-out all become priorities, jettisoning your day’s plans. You find you have less time to attend to the heart and soul of your business. 

The result? First the business suffers, then you suffer. Family and friends follow. This affects your wallet, heart, head, and body. You’re overburdened. The same thought relentlessly circles: “This isn’t why I wanted to have my own company!”

Collaborative Partners Administrative Services works with brave yet battered business owners, like yourself, to help cut through the mundane and get to the sweet spot of your enterprise. Together, we look at processes, identify what can be offloaded, check off items on your To Do List, and re-discover the reasons you run your own company. We get you aligned so you can focus on achieving the rewards. Improving your productivity, that’s our passion!

You had me at overburdened. 
Let’s schedule a complimentary call.


We’ve witnessed the slow creep of owner burnout.
Let’s get you back to the original joy of owning your business.

How is this possible?

With a well-managed schedule and clear priorities, you’ll move through your day with vision and purpose. We’ll help you manage the overwhelm so you no longer spin your wheels. Together, we aim for ease and flow.


We’ll be your partner on your journey, a trusted resource who gets you and your company. You will feel an ease knowing that someone has your back in your life and in business. You don’t have to go it alone. 

We like to say we run a head and heart operation. 

We have a head for business operations and helping our clients think through their practical issues, and we have the heart for helping you achieve your professional and personal goals.

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Meeting Support, Presentation Creator, Organizer, Communicator, Personal Attention

“Entrepreneurs, especially in the early years, attempt to do too much themselves in the name of budget constraints. There is more to business than the product or service rendered. Business Operations, when neglected or done inconsistently, will eventually negatively impact your cash flow and profit margin. 

There are online Virtual Assistant services inexpensively priced that can come to the rescue. However, these people are hired as invisible Task Doers only. If you want an insightful, thoughtful, and sensitive professional to understand your business and YOU, the human being in it, hire Kristy Crippen, Virtual Administrator of Collaborative Partners.”

– Donna Spina, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, Coaching InDeed, Inc. 


Who Needs A Virtual Administrator? 


Small companies are part of the foundation of the business world. These are the entrepreneurs, the main street storefronts, the 2nd and 3rd generation family firms. They come in all shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds, selling diverse products and services. They’re the trades and online businesses who keep our economy and our households humming. They have a can-do attitude and a can’t-quit style. Their customers mean everything. They seriously compete for those contracts and sales, and every business loss hurts them hard. 

They’re companies who want to do better for others and for themselves. They know if they streamlined their operations, their success will be boundless. We can show them a better way. These are our people.

Sound familiar? If so, you need a virtual administrator!

What if you had someone in your corner who could look at the bigger picture with you? Who could see the forest and the trees? Someone you could talk to about where you wanted to take the company and who could help you identify what steps need to be taken to get there—and ensure you feel good on that path (or at least promises the pain is short term). Someone who helps you get energized. Someone that helps you stay in the flow. 

What might we be able to accomplish for your business, together?

Live in the zone of your genius

with Collaborative Partners Administrative Services


Prioritize your goals and corresponding work for the biggest wins


Create a more efficient back-office process


Organize your email inbox so that you're current, organized, and free of clutter


Create and refine office systems for greater ease, productivity, and efficiency


Revive your dreams and reasons for serving your clientele


Help you to communicate your unique gifts and the pain points you solve with your market


Create solid, lasting and supportive habits


Organize and streamline your processes  


Consistently blog with customers 


Upload your notes into spreadsheets and keep them up to date


Develop customer newsletters


Organize files, both paper and electronic


Produce new business and networking presentations in PowerPoint®


Help you to eliminate the noise in your head so that you can focus on what's important


Free up your time so that you can live in your Zone of Genius 

Kristy, let’s set up that complimentary meeting and learn how you can help.



Here’s how we can get you and your business humming.


Coaching and Brainstorming

We’re here to help you define why you’re in business and where you’re going. 

What are your short and long-term objectives? Are your original reasons for choosing this career still valid? Let’s update them so your work is in line with your personal goals. What are the roadblocks to achieving them? We’ll prioritize goals, create paths, remove obstacles, and assign accountability. We’ll be a resource for tasks and projects, and help you identify opportunities. Think of us as your trusted partner—a sounding board for your ideas, and a source who can expand and research your ideas!

We’re excited to partner with you! Contact us now.

Organization and Task Needs

Let’s see what’s bogging you down, review what necessary tasks and assignments support your goals, and get them accomplished. 

Do you have to do them yourself? Are they necessary? Perhaps our staff at Collaborative Partners Administrative Services—or one of your employees—can check them off. Or we can hire someone short term. Give me your file organization, contact list building, and other tasks so you can concentrate on the roles that need your executive-functioning brain. Then walk out of your office at the end of the day and spend time rejuvenating and replenishing your body and soul.

Let’s talk! Connect with us today.

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Time Management and Scheduling

Never have enough hours in your day? Together, we’ll craft your ideal day so that you feel energized and productive. 

What’s one of the biggest things that business owners and entrepreneurs wish they had more of in their lives? Time. Time is precious and you need to know how you’re using it so that you can spend it doing the things that move you forward. A day that’s well-planned and centered on healthy habits is a day that’s well-executed. This leads to greater productivity, improved efficiency, and increased revenue. Together, we’ll figure out the best use of your time and help you to create rock-solid habits so you can move throughout your day with ease and flow.

Ready to chat? Reach out to us now.

Customer Communications

Stop struggling to keep up with your marketing and communications. 

Do you need to publish a blog or update your website? Would a list of FAQs cut down on customers’ commonly asked questions, freeing up your valuable time? We can create content in your voice and encapsulate your ideas to share with your target market and customer base. We can also help you identify outside partners who specialize in working with small businesses on websites, landing pages, e-books and other content, as well as develop social media plans and post for you. If your customer base still responds to print, we can support you here, too.

Let’s set up a complimentary intro meeting! Contact us now.

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Consulting for Business Efficiency

As a trusted source, we provide consultation and services to streamline your business practices, so they operate at maximum efficiency and productivity. 

We help you identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in both the back office and front office that are costing you money, sales, customers, hours, and the ability to grow your business—not to mention the opportunity to enjoy your life! Imagine having a knowledgeable, dedicated resource providing you with encouragement and guidance, along with a rally of “Let’s get this done!” (You just can’t get that on impersonal freelance job sites.)

Bring flow to your biz! Let’s talk about it.

I’m ready to see my company flourish!


Click this link to see examples of some of the customized administrative services that I have offered to my existing clients. 


Hi, I’m Kristy and we’re here to help you streamline your business operations.

I founded Collaborative Partners Administrative Services with the belief that small business owners and entrepreneurs simply can’t do it all on their own (nor should you have to!). I saw a real need in the market for dedicated collaborative and administrative support that’s customizable for each client based on the unique needs of your business.

I bring over 20 years of administrative experience from a wide variety of industries, both in the corporate world, as well as small businesses and entrepreneurs. My partners and I have so much we can share to make your business perform.

Time and again, I’ve witnessed small business owners and entrepreneurs feeling lost, overwhelmed, drained, and lacking confidence in your abilities. 

You’re losing yourselves in a downward spiral, falling out of love with your business. You feel out of alignment with your purpose and can’t see the big picture.

I can relate. I can help you fill that void now. Business owners reach out to me to help them purge and release those pains. How do I do this? We have an open discussion to evaluate the responsibilities and tasks that are weighing you down. I help you with the heavy mental lifting so that together, we problem-solve to usher in ease and flow to your business. 

Being able to partner with you on your entrepreneurial journey, and provide dedicated support with trust through objective listening, collaboration, and strategy building is at the heart of who I am and what I do. 

My goal is to provide the space for my clients to soar even higher as the business owner into a grander vision for your business. You’re already a success. You’re ready for the next level. I’m here to brainstorm and be your confident thought partner. 

Fall back in love with your business. Reignite your passion for your company. Let’s rediscover the magic together.

Fall back in love with your business. Reignite your passion for your company. Let’s rediscover the magic together.

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Kristy Crippen

Let's start the conversation!


Scheduling and Productivity, Organization, Archiving of Files

"Collaborative Partners Administrative Services helped take a very daunting project off my plate. She took away the dread I had, knowing the project would involve endless hours and procrastination on my part. We collaborated on the logistics, and the process couldn’t have been easier. Kristy's positive energy is infectious!"

– Pam Turner, Ally Senior Benefits

Top Reasons to Work with Us 


Let’s explore the possibilities together! Get back in touch with who you are and WHY you started your business. 


Feel heard and understood as you navigate the continued building and execution of your business


Create exciting new ideas and solid game plans for your business by collaborating and brainstorming together


Set up a schedule that keeps you on track and accountable with your tasks and your priorities


Create procedures and processes for your business that provide additional structure and efficiency, helping to save time and reduce costly mistakes


Learn to navigate each day productively, efficiently and with clarity


Start regularly publishing a blog or digital newsletter


Make communication more efficient by setting up a contact list, keep it updated, and plan how to stay in front of those contacts


Create and refine organizational systems for paper and electronic. Organized files rule!


Content management: Plan, develop and manage the creation, production and updating of relevant, useful content for current and new customers

I'm ready for my bliss!



You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.
  • How do you work with a client?
    Typically, we work with clients for 5 to 40 hours per month for several months or indefinitely. We can discuss the best approach once we have our first complimentary meeting.
  • How much do you charge?
    I offer customized packages based on the needs of each individual client, as well as on a per-project basis.
  • So, do you come to my office?
    Typically, I work remotely utilizing Zoom meetings. For locally-based clients in the southeastern PA area, we can discuss on-site visits to your office.
  • What geographic area do you serve?
    If we're working remotely, geography within the United States doesn’t matter as long as you can be available for our meetings online and provide necessary documentation. For those who are local to the southeastern PA geographic area who prefer or require on-site services, let’s chat. Please contact me through my form to discuss your needs further.
  • Do you have references?
    I do! You can find them throughout my site here and here.


Let’s get started!

No more overwhelmed. Only overjoyed!

We are passionate about helping you achieve your goals in business and life! Feel free to connect with us by using the contact form below. 

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