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Six Benefits From Prioritizing Your Rest and Downtime

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We all know how vital it is for us to dedicate time and focus to build, grow and work ON our businesses.

But you know what’s equally as (if not more) important?


Today’s tip is a friendly reminder to make sure you give yourself a proper mental shut down each and every evening and weekend.

It's about fully stepping away from the professional side of yourself so that you can embrace EVERY part of your life.

Allowing time for rest has SO many benefits:

-Time to mentally and emotionally shut down and switch off your brain

-Time well-spent with family and friends (or solo!), doing the things that light you up

-An opportunity for your creative ideas to come to the surface

-You’re more clear-headed, which means reduced decision-making fatigue and increased productivity

-Increased motivation and renewed energy to take key steps forward in your business and life

-The ability to honor the many other areas of your life that make you uniquely YOU

This list is by no means exhaustive. Prioritizing our rest and downtime benefits our lives in innumerable ways overall.

In summary, if you've been putting too much of your focus on your professional side and neglecting the many other areas of your world, take the necessary steps to enjoy life outside of what you do for a living. Right NOW is the best time to re-evaluate how you can incorporate more downtime into your life.

And remember, your downtime feeds your soul so that you can be the very best YOU in all areas of your life.


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