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From Chaos to Cohesive: Plan Your Morning to Get Your Day Started Off on the Right Foot

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Who doesn’t love a comforting beverage to kickstart their day? Whether it’s a hot cup of Joe or your favorite cup of tea, it’s part of your morning ritual and it helps you embrace a consistent routine.

Even better is if you own a coffee maker with a pre-set feature so that it automatically makes your coffee FOR you (or dispenses hot water for your tea). A few steps to set it up are all it takes to help ensure that your day kicks off to a fine start.

In the same way that your coffee maker’s programmability feature can help to make your life easier, there are other easy hacks you can utilize to ensure that your morning routine is smooth and orderly.

Here are a few suggestions to help make the start of your day seamless:

  • Create a plan for the next day and review it the night before: Know exactly what the next day entails far as meetings, appointments, tasks, plans, and reminders. Review your next day’s schedule and tasks before you end your workday so that you’re already mentally on top of your day and ready to go.

  • Check the weather the night before so that you know how to dress accordingly the next day.

  • We've all heard the tried and true tip of deciding the night before what clothes you will wear the next day (after you’ve checked the weather report). If you have the space, lay them out and get everything ready beforehand.

  • Pack a lunch the night before and prep your breakfast, too. Overnight oats are a great option and are a healthy and nutritious way to kick off your morning.

  • Make sure that your work bag is packed and ready to go so that you’re not running around searching for what you need the next morning.

  • Do an audit of your typical morning: Make a list of the steps that you follow every day and note where things run smoothly, but especially where there are gaps. Having this intel will immediately help you to hone in on where improvements are needed.

Don’t settle for a day that starts off with a chaotic tone. The less you have to do each morning - and the more you can automate your life - means that you’re focusing your attention on yourself and your family…and getting your day off to an amazing start.


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