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Whether It’s Your Kitchen Counter or Your Mind, The Benefits of Decluttering Are Endless

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

They say that the kitchen is truly the heart of the home.

It’s where we eat, congregate, and catch up on our day.

It’s no wonder, then, how the kitchen counter easily becomes the dumping ground for all manner of paperwork, bills, flyers, advertisements, packages…you name it. It all magically seems to find a home there.

Just imagine how great it would feel to be free of all that clutter. ALL of it. To find proper homes for everything, whether it’s in your filing cabinet, desk, recycling bin, the trash, another area of the home…wherever it truly belongs.

Now transfer this same scenario about clutter to what occurs daily in your mind. Consider how utterly jumbled your mind becomes when you have far too much to think about. Things like deadlines, reminders, tasks, projects, and follow-ups. Not to mention the things you’ve forgotten about that keep coming up to the surface and are clamoring for your attention. “Hey, don’t forget about me,” they whisper.

Going back to our prior example about kitchen clutter, if you consistently carved out just 15 minutes each day to ensure that your kitchen counter was free of clutter, how would you then feel every time you walked into your kitchen? Imagine seeing clutter-free surfaces. Not feeling dread and overwhelmed by the sight of a never-ending mess. Happily knowing that any items that are on your counter are there because they serve a specific purpose (and therefore, rightfully have a home there). And how MUCH easier would it be to keep everything else in your kitchen clean, right?

As with your kitchen counter, so will your mind benefit from regular and consistent time devoted to mental decluttering.

  • Pausing throughout the day to verify that your TO DO list is fully updated and prioritized. And thus, dramatically reducing the fear that you’re constantly forgetting something.

  • Checking off completed tasks on your TO DO list as you go and feeling energized with every item you complete.

  • Being able to give yourself the gift of precious time to think an idea through to its natural completion (rather than rushing through it because you feel overwhelmed and behind schedule).

  • Allowing yourself an extra moment or two to thoughtfully consider different possibilities and outcomes in a situation (and all because your mind was clear and not burdened by too much to think about).

  • Being able to think logically and soundly and to pick up on the finer points of a situation. Whereas if you were exhausted and distracted, those same finer points would be far easier to miss.

As we quickly approach the end of the year, right now is a great time to carve out a dedicated time block on your calendar that’s specifically devoted to thinking about the sources of your mental clutter and what steps need to be taken to remedy those sources.

Some will be easier to resolve than others. Others will require more steps, time, or commitment to move past.

But no matter how much time and effort it takes, it’s ultimately worth it because of the huge dividends that that time spent will pay you in the end.

If the thought of tackling this exercise on your own feels overwhelming and daunting, remember that you don’t have to go through it alone. Helping overwhelmed and exhausted entrepreneurs and small business owners gain mental freedom and clarity is one of the many reasons why I founded my business. I love partnering with my clients to help them work through the things that are holding them back and removing those mental blocks that slow them down.

I invite you to message me today so that we can have a conversation about how you can take the vital step of gaining your time, mental clarity, and peace back into your life. And leaving the stress of mental clutter behind for good.


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