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From Disorganized to Neat and Orderly: Why Spending the Time to Get and Stay Organized is Worth It

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During the pandemic, many people used the time to go through closets, drawers, cupboards, their kitchen pantry, as well as storage areas throughout the home. They peered inside (some tentatively) to see what contents they would find.

I’m sure that we ALL can relate to not wanting to face certain areas of the home because they’re not as organized as we would like (if at all). Forget the purging part. We dread the act of even opening up the space to see what’s inside.

And yet, people everywhere eagerly got their homes in order and they did so with purpose, energy, and intention.

They pulled items from closets they no longer wore or had outgrown, whether in fit or fashion. They purged expired items and recycled wherever they could. They donated and donated and donated. Donation centers everywhere were bursting at the seams due to the number of items they’d received. How wonderful is that!

And how incredible is it when you do the very same thing for your business?

Where you purge documents and graphics you no longer need, unsubscribe from newsletters you’ve outgrown, and cancel subscriptions to programs and services that you’re not utilizing in your business.

Purging is truly the first step. Because when you can clear away the unnecessary, you then have more freedom to think about how best to organize everything else.

One of my favorite things about what I do is to help my clients to get and stay organized. To get rid of everything that’s not serving them so that together, we can make way for the organization while also creating much-needed spaciousness in their business.

  • So that they know how to find the files they need.

  • So that they save time and effort because they’re not wasting valuable time searching for things.

  • So that they’re not constantly overwhelmed by an overflowing inbox.

But also…so that they can THINK. Think clearly, logically, and cohesively. Think peacefully. You simply can’t have the full clarity you need if your outer world is not organized the way you want and NEED it to be.

Just like with a clothes closet, when you purge and donate the stuff you never wear and repair the stuff that you do so that you can wear it again, you instantly feel that relief.

  • You can now organize your closet so that you can find everything quickly.

  • You don’t waste precious time every morning searching for something to wear and trying to put an outfit together.

  • You also don’t buy duplicates of clothes because now you know exactly what’s in your wardrobe (say goodbye to having three black turtlenecks and repeats of the same trousers).

How amazing would be if your business was set up the same way?

What’s ONE thing that you can do today to help organize your business and your life?


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