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Has Your Confidence Become Diluted?

Photo Credit: Big Stock Photo

When we’re feeling confident, we’re on top of the world. We feel invincible and charge through life and work with enthusiasm and courage.

However, when our confidence takes a nosedive, everything changes. No matter the cause or reason behind it, we become far less certain of ourselves. We question our decisions, and we second-guess our abilities. We hesitate to move forward when fears arise around potential outcomes.

Our confidence has become diluted.

Visualize it being like a can of paint that has had loads of water added to it. The paint initially started out being colorfully vibrant and robust. Now, as it has steadily become increasingly thinned out, the color continues to weaken. This now-watered-down paint won’t form as thick of a film when it dries as the manufacturer had originally intended. This means that the overall performance of the paint will be poorer since it won’t dry properly, nor cover the surface area the way it should.

In much the same way, when our own confidence becomes diminished and weakened, our achievement also suffers. We don’t have the same assurance about the tasks that we execute or the work that we do. It can take twice as long (if not longer) to complete tasks, and we’re operating under a cloud of fatigue and confusion or uncertainty.

This dilution of the paint can be likened to our own self-confidence and how it can easily be depleted by fear, overwhelm, and anxiety. Perhaps any one of these factors – as well as others – has caused your own confidence to diminish?

If you’ve been experiencing your own dip in self-confidence, what would make the matter better for you?

Perhaps having a trusted inner circle professional in your world – a steady right arm - who could plug the voids when you feel your confidence begins to ebb?

What has stopped – or is stopping you – from bringing someone like this into your life?

When we can live in the zone of our genius and not be bogged down by tasks that consume our time, we can then stay in the fast lane, driving what only we do BEST without having to pull over onto the shoulder so often.

Imagine how much different the landscape would be and oh, how much further you’ll go.


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