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How Detailed Documentation of Your Business's Systems and Processes Fosters Growth and Focus

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Currently, they seem to be at an all-time high and coming from every direction possible.

Whether globally or occurring within your own sphere, distractions drain us of our vital energy and they sap our focus and concentration.

Our productivity ends up suffering, too.

I’ve had the great privilege to speak with so many amazing entrepreneurs and small business owners since I founded my company. By far, distractions are one of the biggest sources of frustration across the board.

Distractions impair not just our focus on the immediate task at hand that we’re working on but they also cause a loss of focus on our true goals. Our overall business suffers because we feel like we’re putting one fire out after another (or preventing one from even starting).

I recently spoke to one business owner who shared how his business has grown significantly over the last 3 years. I asked what his goal was this year, and the response was “survival”. I was so taken aback by his reply and I asked him if he felt open to sharing what that meant.

He went on to say that his growth has happened faster than he originally anticipated. He said that while he’s hugely grateful for his growth and for being able to be of service to even more amazing clients, he quickly realized that his systems and processes are not where they need to be. He also mentioned that he was having trouble finding help.

I always encourage my clients to invest the time in building and documenting systems and processes now, ones that will be understood and executed as written to standard five handoffs down the line.

It’s easier to build NOW (and then modify and update later when needed) than to build from scratch when you really truly need them. Doing so now - while you're in a calm and fluid headspace - is far easier than trying to create structure when you're faced with deadlines and are under duress.

It’s your business and your livelihood. And it’s also your sanity and well-being. Don’t be the limiting factor to your growth with distractions that could have been avoided.

How will you prevent distractions from keeping you from achieving your true goals?

As always, help others along their path to summit their goals, too!


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