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Plan Ahead So That You Can Stay Ahead

Photo Credit: Big Stock Photo

We think nothing of planning ahead when it comes to researching the next vehicle we’ll be leasing or purchasing. Or where we’re planning to go on vacation or the paint color for our living room walls.

Not only is it ingrained within us that we’ll be doing this vital planning but we also actively carve out the time to do just that.

And yet, it’s not at all unusual that we don't consistently devote proper time and space to thoroughly plan out the next steps in our professional life.

Why do we sometimes default to functioning from a place of reactivity vs. proactivity?

Planning ahead creates real power for both you and your business (and also in your life as a whole).

When we purposefully plan ahead and carve out time blocks in our schedule to support those plans, we’re giving ourselves a huge gift. MANY of them, in fact.

  • The gift of time, space, and clarity.

  • The gift of intentionality and being more fully present in our thoughts and actions.

  • The gift of the ability to take measured, calculated, and well-thought-out steps in our planning process.

  • The gift of feeling truly in alignment with our decisions and next steps because we’re now operating from that place of proactivity.

  • The gift of increased productivity and higher levels of performance.

  • The gift of peace and rock-solid confidence because we didn’t feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic from trying to cram something into a tiny window of time because of a looming due date.

  • The gift of feeling in control throughout the planning process. And this has you feel not only grounded but also powerful in terms of just how much you can create.

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream. Not only plan but also believe.” - Anatole France

What benefits do YOU experience from planning ahead in your business and life? How has your business and life changed for the better thanks to planning ahead?

And if you recognize that you need to incorporate regular, daily planning into your life, what’s ONE big step you can take right now to make this a routine habit for yourself?


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