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Whether It's Your Keys or Your Files, Everything Needs a Place to Call Home

Photo Credit: Big Stock Photo

“Where are my keys?” How many times have we ALL asked this very question while frantically searching so we can get out the door on time?

Probably many, many times, I’d be willing to venture.

An easy solution to this tiresome problem is to create a designated area in your home where you place your keys each time you return. It could be a decorative key holder that’s hung on the wall near the exterior door to the garage. Or, it could be an attractive bowl placed on a table in the foyer of your home.

Now, every time you walk into your home, your brain instantly signals that you need to place your keys on your designated peg (or into this bowl), and you immediately take the appropriate action. No more searching for your keys the next time you need to leave your house. No more stress about being late and feeling behind schedule.

So here’s my question when it comes to your business: Where in your professional life can you apply this very same logic so that you’re far more organized and streamlined? So that you’re calm and peaceful throughout your day because you’re not frantically searching for something (particularly when you’re about to start a client meeting in five minutes and can’t locate what you need)?

This type of organization can be applied using the exact same thought process in your business. Here are a few key tips:

-Having a system of folders and sub-folders set up in your documents folder so that you can easily locate your files, pictures, graphics, and videos.

-Creating folders and sub-folders in your email (and accompanying rules based on the sender) so that your incoming emails instantly find their proper home, as opposed to clogging up your inbox

-Keeping paper files in logical order in an easily accessible filing cabinet

-Having all of your upcoming tasks noted in ONE master task list that’s organized in priority order (versus having countless notepads and sticky notes all over the place)

-Organizing your desk so that your frequently-used items are always in the same easy-to-reach spot and placed according to how you operate, as well as whatever your dominant hand is. Think: your mouse, coffee cup/beverage, phone, notepad/reMarkable tablet/paperwork. The key here is to honor your dominant hand so that you avoid crossbody movements (which not only slow you down but are also prone to accidents and spills), and also to create fluid hand movements.

These are just a few easy-to-implement ideas that you can immediately incorporate into your organizational framework. Each step you take will give you greater peace of mind and dramatically improve how you operate, as well as increase your efficiency. Additionally, you’ll feel calmer and far more harmonious with your surroundings.

The more you continue to create this framework for yourself, the better able you’ll also see those areas that are in need of improvement. And then, you can more easily create viable solutions to each challenge you’re facing.


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