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Spring: A Time to Assess, Purge, Plant, and Proactively Move Into Greater Lightness and Ease

Photo Credit: Big Stock Photo

Spring is here once again in the northern hemisphere.

"Spring is the time of plans and projects."

- Leo Tolstoy

We rejoice in the lightness of spring and all that this means: the beautiful blooming flowers, the leaves returning to the trees, birds singing. The days are now longer and sun-kissed.

There’s an exciting energy shift that occurs within this spectacular season. Our souls automatically start to feel lighter and our mental framework takes on a different shape.

In the same way that Mother Nature ushers in this new season of overall lightness and joy, this same viewpoint can also extend to your professional life. Perhaps things have felt out of alignment for you within your business. Maybe there have been areas of stagnancy and things have felt stale. Overwhelm and anxiety are perhaps the norm and there’s little relief from that, even in your downtime. Opportunities have been missed because of oversight, fear of moving forward or not having proper procedures in place.

As we enter into this new season, a great reminder for ourselves is that spring is an excellent time to go inward and examine what you’ve been carrying within you that FEELS HEAVY so that you can release it and let go of it. To be clear, ANY time is a great time to let go of what’s not serving you.

But with spring having returned again, right NOW seems like an especially meaningful time to look deep within and ask yourself what you’re ready to let go of so that you can create space for something truly meaningful to grow and begin to take root.

Here are some key questions that you can reflect upon:

  • What do you need to do for yourself in order to move fully into a head space of joy, ease and flow within your business?

  • Are there shifts that need to be made in order to clear away any feelings of heaviness so that it can instead be replaced with lightness and being in alignment?

  • What help do you and your business require in order to do the important work of letting go, as well as being in creation of what’s really calling to you?

When we’re operating from a place of heaviness, nearly every step can feel laborious. Taking action feels like a colossal undertaking and it’s often challenging to even muster up the desire to take any action at all.

However, when we decide to process one area of challenge at a time, it creates momentum and energy, not only internally, but also within our business. We clean up and clear out. The heaviness is then transmuted into lightness and feeling freer.

What’s ONE thing that you can do today that will serve you and your business in the long run and usher in the lightness that you’ve been seeking?


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